Tuesday, September 04, 2007
is it love?
Monday night, after celebrating something @ Honeymood Dessert and Soho - CIwalk, me, opick, mhie, and hanny come to Vivi and Miko's album launching @ Prefere Dago. I met the big families of OZ Radio Bandung there, I wasn't be in the families for so long time so I don't know well some new people there. But then, when my friends watching in front of the stage, I stay in the sofa, talking with Cessy and Alex.
Cessy is a new announcer @ OZ, that was our very first meet. And Alex is a tarot reader, regularly @ Prefere on Monday and Tuesday. We were talking about Alex and his sixth sense. At first I thought it just an ordinary talk, but then after having about 2 hours conversation with him, when Opick asked me to go home, there's something push me to ask his phone number.
Me: your number, please!
Alex: CDMA or GSM?
Alex: 921xxxx
Me: Thanks
Alex: I never give my CDMA number to anyone bout my friend
Me: then why you give it to me?
Alex: dunno, just want to give you
Hanny: because u're special
Alex (change the topic)
After that, I come home but I can't get him outta my head. Dunno why but I just can't get him outta my head. Then I start to do somethings stupid (this is my habit when I'm in love) and I ask all of my friend to go to prefere so that I have a reason to meet him.
when you just having 2 hours conversation with someone and you just can't get him outta your head, your brain, even your day. Do you think it's love? Or...?

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