Thursday, August 24, 2006
no more chance
someone ask for one more chance to me but I don't want to give that damn chance
I'm still hurting
I can't forget what he've done to me

I still love him deep in my heart but I don't want him back

I just want to continue my life without him in my life

It's enough

there's no more chance for you
no nd never
even if you crying like a bitch in front of me
posted by senny d'ordinary @ 2:19 AM  
  • At August 30, 2006 5:01 AM, Anonymous w@hyu said…

    apa pun keputusan yg kamu ambil, itu adl hak kamu dan tdk seorang pun yg berhak memaksa. tapi, sekedar pertimbangan, setiap manusia itu pasti pernah melakukan yg namanya kesalahan. selama kesalahannya itu masih dlm batas kewajaran, why not?! :)

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